Major milestone for WHO-supported Ebola vaccine

First All-Female Spacewalk

Nobel Prize 2019 Winners Announced!

Afrisnet launches webinars to inform Ghanaian students about graduate programs in  the US

74-year old woman gives birth to twins! 

Afrisnet provides professional training to Moi University Interns at Indiana University Bloomington

Celebrating the 50th anniversary of Moon landing

Photo credit: NASA

Study shows birds can communicate while in unhatched eggs!

Advancing African participation in global and cutting-edge STEM research.

AFRISNET (Africa STEM Network) is an international network of students, professors, and professionals with a common goal of advancing research and scholarship in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) in Africa. We are a nonprofit organization that seeks to increase the overall participation of Africans in global and modern research in STEM.

The blogs at the Afrisnet website helped me prepare a successful Ph.D. application. 

Regis Nisengwe

Ph.D. Student, University of Tennessee Knoxville

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