About Afrisnet

Our Mission

AFRISNET is dedicated to advancing scholarship in Africa by promoting development, access, and application of research. There is a grave imbalance between population growth and research development in Africa. Currently, Africa comprises 16% of the total world population, while contributing less than 2% of the global research output. AFRISNET strives to promote research by encouraging and assisting African college students to pursue research-based internships and graduate degrees. Our utmost objective is to expose students and young professionals from Africa to hands-on and modern research at advanced universities and institutes.

Our Main strategy

We fulfill our goals by raising awareness, seeking and disseminating information, and by connecting students in Africa with modern universities as well as research institutes around the world. Particularly, our website is used as a tool to offer relevant information that African students need in order to apply and get admitted into outstanding research universities and institutes around the world.  Students are provided with information about graduate school admission requirements, research internship opportunities, research fellowships, international conferences, and other information pertaining to STEM research in general. Our resources page contains informative guidelines about academic and professional writing, which helps students and professionals write effective application documents. AFRISNET uses its website to also expand awareness of and access to research information in Africa, to communicate significant STEM research updates from around the world, and to offer a networking platform to students, faculty, and professionals.

Afrisnet was founded by Gabriel Muhire Gihana and Vincent Mwumvaneza. Gabriel is currently a PhD candidate in biology at Indiana University. Vincent is a professional civil engineer.



Vincent and Gabriel saw that several African students and professionals lack exposure to research and access to information about research-based graduate programs around the world. They started Afrisnet as clearinghouse for advice and information, as well as an online social network that allows students, professors, and working professionals to communicate and support each other.


To all our supporters and advocates, thank you!