Afrisnet Graduate and Postdoc Community (AGPC)

Afrisnet Graduate and Postdoctoral Community, AGPC, is an international community of African graduate and postdoctoral scholars. AGPC promotes the academic and professional success of African early-career researchers by fostering their mutual support and exposing them to the wider scientific community. By bringing together and supporting African graduate students and postdoctoral researchers in Africa and elsewhere in the world, AGPC is an integrated global scientific community that showcases and contributes to the development of research in Africa. Eventually, the AGPC community is disposed to contribute to the overall and long-term scientific and socioeconomic development of Africa.   


To promote the academic and professional success of African graduate and postdoctoral scholars during their scientific training, by facilitating their interactions, mutual support, and exposure to the wider scientific community. 


Build a vibrant global scientific community that supports African early-career researchers and research in Africa.   


  • Career and professional development workshops
  • Ongoing academic and career mentorship 
  • Research presentations by AGPC members and invited speakers, through regular meetings and annual research symposium.
  • Information sessions (e.g.: Information about graduate student and postdoctoral research fellowships, immigration, job opportunities, . . .)
  • And more . . . 

Please use the button link below to register for AGPC membership. We welcome you and look forward to interacting with you!