Graduate School in the USA

There are over 4, 000 higher education institutions in the United States of America. Amongst these institutions are world-renown research universities that offer graduate degrees in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields. A master’s degree in the US may take 1-3 years, whereas a doctoral (PhD) degree my require 4-7 years to complete. It is common for US institutions to provide graduate students in STEM fields with financial support in the form of tuition waivers and monetary stipends. By providing financial assistance, US universities have laid out a rare opportunity that has attracted thousands of international students from China, India, South Korea, and many other countries.  Through AFRISNET, we encourage and support college students from Africa to take part in research-based graduate instruction in the US. This page provides information about US graduate school application process, as well as useful links to further information and resources.

Campus view of a university in the USA

In addition to providing financial assistance to graduate students, a large number of US universities have established themselves as global leaders in both teaching and research. Indeed, US universities are often ranked among the top in the world, and researchers at US institutions are often among worldwide leaders in their respective fields. Therefore, by attending graduate school in the US, one can get an opportunity to practice cutting-edge research under guidance of skilled and world-famous professors. Such an opportunity can have a lifelong impact both academically and professionally. Alumni of US graduate programs often end up in prestigious positions be it in industry or academia. This is, perhaps, one reason why the programs have attracted students from all over the world and in large numbers.