SpaceX: World Record Number of Satellites Launched

The record of most payloads on one rocket was crushed recently. The previous record was 104 and it was just recently beaten making the latest record 143. With the evolution of technology increasing, the rockets can be made with cheaper, more compact, and higher quality components that allow them to be able to carry more cargo. The shipment has various sizes of packaging, but all were smaller than a standard suitcase. Also, since rockets are much more efficient than they use to be, scientists are designing smaller rockets. These will be used for more custom missions or if there needs to be a rushed shipment.

The plan is to add more satellites to use them to deliver the internet to people across the world. With more satellites in orbit, there needs to be more supervision over them to make sure that none of them ever run into each other or hit by debris and damaging them. In total, there are over 3,000 satellites circling earth today and there are plans of adding more. Scientists are expanding what we are capable of and are moving us to the future. 

Read the Full Article at BBC News: SpaceX: World Record Number of Satellites Launched

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