By Vincent Mwumvaneza

Now you have completed your degree and landed your dream job or you are working for employer, and you probably hold a rank in a well-defined hierarchy, you need to understand your organizational culture. The organizational culture also called corporate culture includes both written and unwritten rules that typically develop overtime within an organization. These set of rules defines philosophy, values and expectation from every individual in the organization.

In general, organization culture is defined based on the most influential motivator including power, role, task and individuals. Different organizations have one of these cultures or a combination. When you join a new organization, take time to understand their values. This includes how the organization treats its employee, how they conduct business and how the power flow within the organization.

Regardless of the culture, the following tips are helpful:

  • Be proactive and productive at your job. Know and complete your job assignments, and be creative beyond your duties but within the context and the objectives of your company/employer.  
  • Be punctual and work expected time unless you have a prior excuse. Employees paint a negative image of themselves when they leave their office early or do not show up for work without prior excuse. If you have to miss work or be late, inform your supervisor early.
  • Practice clear and timely communication with your supervisor and with your co-workers.
  • If you work in a team, be a reliable and approachable team member. Know and respect your co-workers, and respect the job rules and guidelines. Keep your work interactions and relationships professional.  
  • Make sure you interact with your supervisor constantly, but avoid seeking unnecessary assistance from him or her. It is in your best interest if your supervisor knows you as a team player and an independent, competent, and productive employee.  
  • If you need a recommendation letter, let your supervisor know early so they have enough time to write the letter.


Vincent Mwumvaneza is currently a professional Civil Engineer at Dynatest North America Inc. He is an alumnus of the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaignand California Baptist University

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