Graduate School Application Technical and Financial Support

We provide free and individualized guidance to African undergraduate and master’s students who are academically competent and keen on research and wish to apply to graduate school. We help the students identify which graduate programs they would be most fit for, and we proofread the students’ application documents. We help the students prepare the application requirements in a timely manner and prepare for the application interview. This rigorous program consists of a comprehensive professional mentorship of African prospective graduate students to make sure that they present themselves as accurately as possible to the graduate admission committees. Although we mentor students regardless their preferred graduate programs, we encourage students to apply for research-focused and fully funded graduate programs in the United States. If you are an African undergraduate or master’s student who needs guidance through graduate school application, please register here and indicate that you need help, or contact us at If you are already a graduate student or a postdoc and would like to join our fantastic team of mentors, please let us know at