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Graduate Application Document Proofreading

Volunteer to proofread the application documents written by African students that are applying or planning to apply to graduate school. Application requirements for graduate school may include several essays that the applicants are required to write and submit. The essays include but are not limited to personal statements, research statements, research description, academic and career goal statements, financial statements, and so forth. Several African students have a rich academic and research experience to document through graduate application essays, but the students struggle sometimes to convey their experiences in proper English. You can help such students by proofreading and editing their documents, or by providing them with useful and necessary feedback on both the content and the structure of their essays. If you are interested, please contact AFRISNET at Let us know your academic or professional field, and we will match with an African student who can benefit from your writing expertise.

Mock Interview Administration

Are you a professor? Are you graduate student who has successfully passed graduate school interview? Do you have experience with student admissions? Consider volunteering to help African students prepare for graduate school interview by administering a mock interview. Students at the interview level have likely passed all the academic requirements, and have written convincing application essays and received strong recommendation letters. By helping them prepare for the interview, you could make it possible or a lot easier for them to pass the final test towards admission.

Standard Test Financial Assistance

Several African students are intellectually competent, but in regards to graduate school application in the US, they might be hindered by the prices of standards tests such the GRE, the TOEFL, or IELTS. Please, consider offering your financial support to students that are intelligent but financially limited. You might help them get access to test preparation material and afford the registration fees.

Networking and Correspondence

Network with other students, professors, or professionals in STEM fields of your interest! Please, visit our Members page to identify people whose academic and professional interests of align with yours.


Share your knowledge for the greater good! The AFRISNET website provides a platform that is navigated by several people. Become an active blogger and share your knowledge on the platform, especially your experience in STEM research or profession. You may also become a blogger to share your research and academic challenges and success, so other can help you or learn from your experience.

News Outlet

Do you know cutting edge news and discoveries in STEM? Did something novel and exciting happen at your university campus? Do you have news about progress and challenges of STEM research in Africa? Please consider sending the information to so we can share it with everybody!