Can You Spread Covid-19 If You Get the Vaccine?

Covid-19 vaccines have been made available and those who get them are protected from getting sick with this disease. Yet, scientists do not know if the vaccine will reduce the spread of the virus. 

There are two reasons why scientists are still questioning whether the vaccine will prevent spreading. First, people are not getting sick, which means data cannot be collected to see if those individuals continue to spread the virus. Second, it is still unknown how the vaccine can produce the antibodies in the body and it will be sometime before they can answer that. 

The Covid-19 vaccine has two separate does. Once a person takes the first dose, they must wait a full two weeks before getting the next one. After both doses are given, research is gathered to see how the case counts will change. The coronavirus vaccine was created to produce immunoglobulin G antibodies (IgG antibodies). They are mostly located in the individual’s blood and muscles. Another antibody is needed to prevent Covid-19 from spreading, immunoglobulin A (IgA antibodies). This particular antibody protects the nose, throat, and lung areas of the body. 

When people have received and recovered from the Covid-19 illness, they create more IgA antibodies. And since this antibody protects airways, then they are not expected to get the disease again. This research is essential, but not the only indicator of telling scientists if it will continue to spread or not. Another way to see if the virus is still spreading even after taking the vaccine is by observing the community and seeing whether the exposure number increases or decreases.

The vaccine has strong proof stating that it does help reduce spreading the virus. However, there still needs to be more documented information about how the vaccine works. Scientists still suggest wearing masks, washing hands frequently, and social distance until they can 100% calculate how to reduce the spread of Covid-19.

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