First-of-its-Kind African Trial Tests Common Drugs to Prevent Severe COVID-19

The whole world has been devastated by the coronavirus. Scientists around the world have been looking for ways to help reduce the effects of the illness and cure it with already constructed drugs. However, Africa has not begun testing until September. Other continents were able to start testing much earlier than Africa.

The goal of these tests is to keep the African citizens out of the hospital. Emergencies rooms and clinics do not have enough capacity if the majority of the nearby communities came down with the virus. Test subjects will come from volunteers that have tested positive for the virus but have minimal symptoms and can still function normally.

Previously manufactured drugs will be tested first on the test subjects. Drugs that are widely available and cheap are more prioritized for being a part of these tests. The virus has spread across the globe, so scientists are trying to keep costs done since everyone has been affected by it and it will already be costly. Also, it would be better and cheaper if different continents did not have to go to a specific region in order to make the drug. Therefore, being affordable and having easy access is essential when trying to make a drug that fights against COVID-19.

Even though these tests have just begun, they will continue into the new year. African scientists plan on testing with different kinds of drugs like hydroxychloroquine (for malaria), sofosbuvir (hep. C), nitazoxanide (gout treatment), ivermectin (gout treatment), colchicine (gout treatment), and lopinavir/ritonavir (HIV drugs). Scientists are hoping things drugs will prove effective or give more insight on how to find a cure to end this pandemic. 

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