Initial Israeli Data: First Pfizer Shot Curbs Infections by 50% After 14 Days

Health officials in Israel have concluded that after only 14 days, half of the people who were infected with the coronavirus were healed by only taking the first shot. The vaccine has two different doses that are taken at different times. This research is new and still continuing to understand how the first shot has been effective. Two different health providers gathered information stating different percentages of how much the infection rate went down. One provider said it went down by thirty-three percent, the other stated it decreased by sixty percent. The differences in these studies are not yet clear, but they are looking into it.

Even with the differences in data, Israel has had the best efficacy for the vaccination that Pfizer could have hoped for. The Israeli officials and Pfizer company have arranged on providing both doses of the vaccine to aid the community. Now that the second dose of the vaccine can be administered to the people in Israel, they are expecting the numbers to continue to drop in confirmed cases. Although, scientists still highly recommend continuing safe practices because it is still unknown if the person who received the vaccine can still spread the virus. There are still a lot of cases and new ones continue to pop up. Additionally, rumors of the new strand of the virus are beginning to spread to Israel as well.  Yet, more tests are being administered compared to the past couple of months, which would also contribute to the increase of illnesses.

Originally, the lockdown was scheduled to be released on January 21st, 2021. Since there is still a high probability of the infection rate growing, even with the vaccine doing so well, officials are planning to extend the lockdown. It is planned to be a gradual lift on the strict lockdown regulations to further ensure the safety of the community. The new expiration date of the lockdown will be determined by the vaccination and infection rates. The Israeli officials also have a plan to integrate the community back into going to events and activities to steadily open businesses back to their full capabilities and routines. 

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