Gabriel Muhire Gihana, Ph.D. posing for a picture.

Co-founder and Director of Afrisnet, Gabriel Muhire Gihana, Ph.D. has received the Damon Runyon Fellowship Award. Dr. Gihana was given this award because of his postdoctoral exploration in translational cancer research. He was one of 15 who had the pleasure of winning this award. In addition, he will receive research funding to continue his projects.

The Fellowship determines the winners by looking over various, innovative work that scientists have been working on. The non-profit organization highly encourages and focuses on cancer research projects. The award is extremely difficult to obtain, and most applicants are denied. Most recipients of this achievement go on to making groundbreaking discoveries, leaders in their research, and even some of the scientists have been given a Nobel Prize. 


Read the Full Article at EurekAlert: Damon Runyon Cancer Research Foundation Awards Nearly $4M to Top Young Scientists

For More Information on the Fellowship, Damon Runyon Cancer Research Foundation, Vist and Explore the Website


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