Ange UweraDelphine Umuhoza, and Delphine Uwingabire have been working very hard for a long time applying to graduate programs and internships both in Europe and the United States. Recently, they were all offered training positions through CAEP, an international agriculture exchange program. The three Rwandan natives hold bachelor’s degree in agriculture from the University of Rwanda, and they are happy that their unceasing hard work has paid off. Uwera is already in Minnesota where she started her training, whereas Umuhoza and Uwingabire are expected to start their training in New York in July 2018. 

Uwera, Umuhoza, and Uwingabire reached out to seek help from Afrisnet members when they were writing their application documents. At Afrisnet, we are very proud to see the trio embark on training journeys that will, eventually, have significant impact on their academic goals. They have all informed Afrisnet that they will be using their time in the USA to prepare for the GRE, the TOEFL, and other requirements for graduate school. They would like to apply for research-based graduate programs in agriculture in the United States. 

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