The University of Pretoria located in Pretoria, South Africa. Image courtesy of Gauteng Tourism Authority.


University of Pretoria to Host First Nobel Prize Dialogue to Take Place in Africa

The University of Pretoria is making history this year by being the first organization in Africa to host the Noble Prize Dialogue conference. The institution is located in Pretoria, South Africa. The seminar will be held on May 18th and 19th later this year. It will be open to the public, key opinion leaders, policymakers, students, researchers, and Nobel Laureates who will be coming from all over the globe. The theme of this event is ‘The Future of Work’. It will discuss topics like what will be the essential skills for the future, how the new generations will adapt to technology, diversity benefits, increase of population for the labor market, COVID-19 effects, and more. The goal of this conference is to encourage imaginative and innovative ideas by answering scientific questions that push towards future growth in society. 

An alternative plan has been arranged in case COVID-19 restrictions are not lifted before the middle of May. The alternative tactic would be to host a hybrid or virtual seminar. There will be more information posted about this event closer to the scheduled date. 

Read the Full Article at the University’s website: University of Pretoria to  Host First Nobel Prize Dialogue to Take Place in Africa


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